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5 alcohol free craft beers on a paddle

It’s just beer…

My name is Martin Dixon. I am a writer, cheerleader and evangelist for alcohol free beer.

martin dixon visiting a brewery wearing a blue scarf

It’s always been about the beer, never about the alcohol

Since I began writing about beer I have only ever drunk beer without alcohol. I am fanatical about beer, and not just esoteric craft beer either. I can find as much joy in discovering a new budget supermarket pilsner as I get from trying a limited edition Belgian champagne beer. I find and share delicious beers from all over the world, a world which for me is alcohol free.


I find beers from retail partners all over the world and publish my reviews on social media. My Instagram is the best place to check them out.

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“I consider your site to be the premier N/A rating page globally. Any accolade from you is a big deal in my book.” Brewery CEO, Canada